Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Life of the Sea

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    If you love the life of the sea, the romance & history of earning a living from the sea, fishing boats and boat-building, you can do little better than to visit Nova Scotia and Lunenburg.  Lunenburg is a working fishing village and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been preserved & restored and is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year.  This town of 2000 people must have more than a score of B&B's and other such lodgings, many in finely restored & furnished old homes . . . very atmospheric.  These pictures were taken August, 2003:
IMG_8540 lobstermen tours boat (good).jpg (61948 bytes) IMG_8567 idyllic fishing village (+).JPG (69627 bytes) IMG_8559 Pennyluck II (+).jpg (74291 bytes)
Tour boat Idyllic view Pennyluck II
IMG_8551 fishing boat & men.jpg (71266 bytes) IMG_8552 fishermen, boat.jpg (63939 bytes) IMG_8555 rust bucket (ok).jpg (79705 bytes)
Fishing boat & men Another manned fishing boat Rust bucket
IMG_8537 fisherman's tribute, lunenburg.jpg (38949 bytes) IMG_8564 baby tug brings Hamilton Barker home (good).JPG (39897 bytes) IMG_8555 rust bucket, detail (good).jpg (74589 bytes)
Fishermen's Tribute
Men & ships lost at sea
Hamilton Baker with tug -
bringing them in
Rust bucket, detail
IMG_8563 rowing out to painting detail (+).JPG (28458 bytes) IMG_8568 Pierce & dock (ok).JPG (66364 bytes) IMG_8560 grey reflections (ok).jpg (46392 bytes)
On work detail -
rowing out to paint
Anne S. Pierce and dock Grey reflections
IMG_8561 dockyard buildings, weathered wood, cropped (nice).jpg (79625 bytes) IMG_8541 lunenburg structures, steep hillside (ok).jpg (76034 bytes) IMG_8549 colorful buildings, street, lunenburg (ok).jpg (68242 bytes)
Dockyard buildings Some buildings in Lunenburg Colorful buildings
IMG_8548 buildings.jpg (62273 bytes) IMG_8543 frame buildings, lunenburg.jpg (87287 bytes) IMG_8573 frame houses (ok).jpg (66962 bytes)
Town buildings More frame buildings Frame houses
IMG_8592 lunenburg academy.jpg (49441 bytes) IMG_8582 Daniel Rudolph House, our 2nd place B&B, even better.jpg (88384 bytes) IMG_8588 front cozy room.jpg (60105 bytes)
Lunenburg Academy Daniel Rudolph House B&B Cozy room at B&B
IMG_8583 the bed.jpg (44733 bytes) IMG_8591 jana in the reading nook (ok).jpg (69266 bytes) IMG_8576 old town lunenburg world heritage plaque.jpg (50504 bytes)
Our bed at the B&B B&B reading nook Lunenburg plaque -
World Heritage Site
For more pictures of Nova Scotia, see Nova Scotia.

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