London Pictures

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2000)

The following pictures were taken in London in September, 2000
(click on any image below to see a higher resolution version):

Copy of 3862 Big Ben through the gate.jpg (47933 bytes) Copy of 3876 trafalger square.jpg (67765 bytes)
Big Ben through gate Trafalgar Square
Copy of 3888 trafalgar portrait artist at work.jpg (103126 bytes) Copy of 3895 leicester sq performer soapbox.jpg (104170 bytes)
Portrait at Trafalgar Square Leicester Square 'soapbox'
Copy of 4180 a view from British Library (looking out front to side part of building) (+).jpg (77433 bytes) Copy of 4166 paddington station night (good).jpg (141311 bytes)
British Library View Paddington Station at Night
Copy of 3853 westminster tube (+).jpg (85184 bytes) Copy of 3854 westminster tube (+).jpg (112018 bytes)
Westminster Tube Westminster Tube
Copy of 3919 british museum temple.jpg (95554 bytes) Copy of 3916 egyptian statuary.jpg (54597 bytes)
British Museum, Temple Display British Museum, Egyptian
Copy of 3907 storefront nr British Museum reflections (+) aut.jpg (95646 bytes) Copy of 4206 V&A glass (good).jpg (95191 bytes)
Reflection of British Museum Glass at Victoria & Albert
Copy of 3964 Tate Gal & bridge across Thames.jpg (69758 bytes) Copy of 3979 St Paul's from Tate.jpg (85935 bytes)
New Tate Gallery in converted
power plant across Thames
View of St. Paul's from Tate
Copy of 3949 lincoln inn reading room.jpg (91622 bytes) Copy of 3955 Temple church exterior detail.jpg (111624 bytes)
Law Library, Inns of Court Temple church exterior detail
Copy of 3899 Tottenham tube tile.jpg (97287 bytes) Copy of 3900 tottenham tube tile.jpg (133085 bytes)
Tottenham Tube tiled passage Tottenham Tube mosaic
Copy of 3903 tottenham tube tile.jpg (131183 bytes) Copy of 3932 couple sleeping cozy on street at tottenham tube.jpg (93610 bytes)
Tottenham Tube tiled passage Sleeping Street Couple
near Tottenham Tube
Copy of 3970 a tube station.jpg (85959 bytes) Copy of 4165 paddington station night.jpg (128666 bytes)
A Tube Station Paddington Station detail (night)
Copy of 4174 kensington palace garden detail.jpg (96421 bytes) Copy of 3874 trafalger square.jpg (115479 bytes)
Kensington Palace Garden, detail Trafalgar Square (2)

To see more of my pictures taken around London, see London2.

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