Las Vegas Pictures

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2001)


1888 NY NY night (+).jpg (115174 bytes) 1885 Excalibur night (+).jpg (72337 bytes)
NY NY night Excalibur night
1804 luxor sphinx.JPG (110644 bytes) 1820 MGM lion.jpg (102581 bytes)
Luxor sphinx MGM Grand lion
1855 Hilton & Eiffel night (+).jpg (87055 bytes) 1875 Caesar's Palace exterior detail night (+).jpg (51571 bytes)
Hilton & Paris night Caesars Palace night
1817 NY NY taken from ped overpass.jpg (73108 bytes) 1819 NY NY tugboat.jpg (110279 bytes)
New York New York NY NY tugboat
1824 Bellagio pool european landscaping.jpg (128865 bytes) 1825 Bellagio botanic garden roof.jpg (137581 bytes)
Bellagio formal pool Bellagio botanic garden roof
1866 Mirage (-).jpg (83821 bytes) 1861 St Mark's Venice.jpg (96544 bytes)
Mirage night Venetian night
Copy of 5350 Bellagio w fountain (curving) (ok).jpg (85434 bytes) 1906 Circus Circus night.jpg (104867 bytes)
Bellagio dancing fountain night Circus Circus detail
1808 Mandalay Bay improper exposure (-).jpg (85480 bytes) 1872 Venetian shops and gondola.jpg (92098 bytes)
Mandalay Bay Venetian shopping area canal
1715 luxor blackjack (+).JPG (81599 bytes) 1841 Caesar's Palace casino.jpg (119995 bytes)
Mini-baccarrat table at Luxor Caesars Palace casino
1704 luxor statuary women.JPG (98203 bytes) 1950 luxor theater entranceway panel detail.jpg (74049 bytes)
Luxor (Egyptian) detail Luxor panel detail
1952 luxor panel detail (theater entranceway) (+).jpg (141632 bytes) 1713 luxor attractions level detail outside Ra.JPG (75672 bytes)
Luxor panel detail Luxor detail
1846 Caesar's at entrance to Forum Shops (+).jpg (138105 bytes) 1847 Caesars entrance Forum Shops (+).jpg (64441 bytes)
Forum Shops (Caesars Palace) Forum Shops entrance area
1848 Caeser's costumed personnel (+).jpg (91161 bytes) 1851 Forum Shops.jpg (104355 bytes)
Caesars Palace costumed personnel Forum Shops in 'evening light'
1919 fremont street neon.jpg (96059 bytes) 1920 Binion's Horseshoe.jpg (145982 bytes)
Neon along Fremont Street Binion's Horseshoe Fremont Street
1890 NY NY detail (+).jpg (119640 bytes) 1892 view from my luxor window sunrise (-).jpg (55180 bytes)
NY NY detail View from my Luxor room window
While in Las Vegas one might venture out to see some of the surrounding countryside.  The following scenes are within about an hour from the city.  The first two are from Valley of the Fire state park and the rest from Hoover Dam:
Copy of 5397 valley of the fire rocks & road (+).jpg (90616 bytes) Copy of 5390 rock formation valley of fire.jpg (93391 bytes)
Valley of Fire Valley of Fire
Copy of 5384 Hoover Dam.jpg (79010 bytes) Copy of 5381 Hoover Dam Lake Mead side.jpg (80936 bytes)
Hoover Dam Hoover Dam from Lake Mead side
Copy of 5383 dam powerplants from top of dam.jpg (102308 bytes) Copy of 5372 Hoover Dam power plant interior (+).jpg (72686 bytes)
Hoover Dam power plant housing
seen from top of dam
Power plant interior

    For more of my pictures of Las Vegas and vicinity,
including Hoover Dam and Valley of the Fire State Park,
see Las Vegas & vicinity (2nd trip).

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