The Smithsonian, Washington, DC--pictures

by Keith Stanley

copyright 2004

   Pictures of Smithsonian Institution buildings and exhibits in Washington, D.C.--All of the pictures on this page were taken on the Mall between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument:
IMG_0335 smithsonian castle prime detail (+).jpg (126106 bytes) 1234 smithsonian castle and garden.JPG (156708 bytes)
Smithsonian Castle Enid A. Haupt Garden
1231 Smithsonian castle through garden gate (+).JPG (124307 bytes) 1149 castle area exterior texture.jpg (127311 bytes)
Smithsonian Castle Exterior Detail
468 Smithson castle from due west.JPG (71450 bytes) 1189 Nat'l Hist from Hirschorn (-).JPG (104176 bytes)
Castle (view from due west) Natural History Museum
(as seen from the Hirshhorn)
6014 Nat Hist M rotunda ceiling (interesting).jpg (119463 bytes) 1568 Nat Hist Bldg detail.JPG (56866 bytes)
Natural History Rotunda Natural History (interior detail)
1563 Nat Hist Atrium Cafe atrium elevator detail.JPG (47202 bytes) 6008 Nat'l Hist Museum gift shop (good).jpg (123994 bytes)
Natural History (atrium elevator) Natural History (gift shop)
1560 Nat Hist Atrium Cafe dining room.JPG (65881 bytes) 1567 Natural History picture wall ceiling 'bones' heading toward new cafe.JPG (66606 bytes)
Natural History
(Atrium Cafe dining room)
Natural History
(looking toward cafeteria entrance)
469 Freer mall entrance.JPG (87796 bytes) 1262 tree in Freer exterior alcove.jpg (71092 bytes)
Freer Gallery Freer (entrance alcove detail)
Sackler Gallery:
305 Sackler stairwell.JPG (41885 bytes) 310 Sackler stairwell.JPG (37784 bytes)
Entrance and Atrium Stairwell Entrance and Atrium Ceiling
312 Sackler stairwell.JPG (45628 bytes) 313 Sackler stairwell.JPG (43347 bytes)
Stairwell looking up Stairwell looking up
The National Museum of African Art:
324 African door detail.JPG (32775 bytes) 316 African stairwell.JPG (30742 bytes)
Entrance Entrance and Atrium Ceiling
314 (-) African stairwell ceiling.jpg (48340 bytes) 320 African stairwell.JPG (36229 bytes)
Looking up stairwell Looking up stairwell
319 (-) African window detail.JPG (27405 bytes) 1254 Nat'l Museum African Art (-).JPG (79435 bytes)
Window (detail) Exterior

Air & Space Museum--some exhibits:

IMG_9481 rockets on the mall (good).jpg (62112 bytes) IMG_0628 DC3 Air&Space (good).jpg (89217 bytes) IMG_0635 a Mars Lander (ok).jpg (71285 bytes)
Rockets on the Mall DC3 & skylight (close-up) Mars Lander
Air & Space Museum--Udvar-Hazy Center:  In December, 2003, the new extension of the Air & Space Museum (the Udvar-Hazy Center) opened out near Dulles Airport.  Basically, it is a huge hangar, some 900 feet long, where scores of aircraft are displayed, both on the ground, and hanging from the 'rafters':
IMG_8971 lufthansa (ju 52) (ok).jpg (58905 bytes) IMG_8973 concorde & xv-15.jpg (62462 bytes) IMG_8978 Fed Ex.jpg (58714 bytes) IMG_8980 blue & red (good).jpg (58660 bytes)
Junkers Ju 52/3m,
Concorde & XV-15 Federal Express Sukhoi SU-26M,
red, blue, purple cowling
IMG_8982 corsair belly.jpg (62352 bytes) IMG_8989 blackbird & background (ok).jpg (35335 bytes) IMG_8995 enola gay, nose, fuselage, ominous.jpg (63715 bytes) IMG_8990 into the cockpit of the enola gay (ok).jpg (66268 bytes)
Corsair SR-71 "Blackbird" Enola Gay,
nose & fuselage
Enola Gay,
looking into the cockpit
IMG_0449 russian SA missile on launcher, detail (good).jpg (52470 bytes) IMG_0454 phantom II, et al (ok).jpg (56373 bytes) IMG_0462 yellow and black plane (good).jpg (70512 bytes) IMG_0453 udvar-hazy panoply interior (ok).jpg (63665 bytes)
Russian SA missile
on launcher
Phantom II
(and others)
Boeing P-26A Peashooter Panoply

Behring Mammals Hall at the National Museum of Natural History:

IMG_9002 mammel hall before opening (ok).jpg (54049 bytes) IMG_8998 lions bringing down a wildebeast (I think) (ok).jpg (33065 bytes) IMG_9005 animals drinking.jpg (63767 bytes) IMG_8999 tiger leap (ok).jpg (41832 bytes)
Mammals Hall
before open for day
Lions bring down
a wildebeest
Animals drinking Tiger leaping

Sculpture on the Mall (at or near the Hirshhorn):

1178diSurevosculpture2.jpg (73303 bytes) 1178diSurevosculpture.jpg (34111 bytes) 1172 Miro's Lunar Bird 1944-46 enlarged & cast 1966-67 (-).jpg (52524 bytes)
Mark di Surevo's 'Are the Years
What (for Marianne Moore)' 1967
Mark di Surevo's 'Are the Years
What (for Marianne Moore)' 1967
Miro's 'Lunar Bird' 1944-46
(enlarged & cast 1966-67)

The National Gallery of Art (East Wing & West Wing) is also on the Mall.  For my page of East Wing images, see National Gallery East Wing.  For West Wing images, see National Gallery West Wing

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