Mongolian Dance & Music

by Keith Stanley

copyright 2002

    The Mongolian Cultural Association performed today (July 11, 2002) at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History (Baird Auditorium).  As you can see below, the show featured music, dancing, singing, and colorful traditional costumes, all very nicely done.  The Mongolian Cultural Association was formed in early 2002 with the purpose of presenting Mongolia’s cultural heritage to Americans.
IMG_1155 singer & strings.jpg (48806 bytes) IMG_1160 cup dancer.jpg (52574 bytes) IMG_1177 singer.jpg (50205 bytes)
Singer & Strings Cup Dancer Singer
IMG_1173 dancer (good).jpg (45685 bytes) IMG_1175 dancer (good).jpg (30703 bytes) IMG_1172 dancer.jpg (63282 bytes)
Dancer Dancer Dancer
IMG_1180 singer.jpg (39960 bytes) IMG_1183 throat singing (good).jpg (47047 bytes) IMG_1185 puppet dancers (ok).jpg (47371 bytes)
Singer Strings Player & Throat Singer Puppet Dancers
IMG_1189 singers.jpg (48832 bytes) IMG_1196 cast.jpg (71576 bytes)
Singers Cast
More Asian Dance/Performance at Smithsonian

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