Dana Tai Soon Burgess

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)

    On one July (2002) evening, someone wandering on the National Mall might have 
stumbled upon the grace and beauty of a (free) performance by the Dana Tai Soon 
Dance Company next to the Smithsonian's Freer Gallery.  Had he done so, he might 
have seen, much to his delight, something very like the following:

IMG_1273 Dana Tai Soon Burgess dance company.jpg (79864 bytes) IMG_1274 Burgess dance (ok).jpg (68567 bytes) IMG_1275.jpg (117405 bytes)
IMG_1278 Burgess couple (ok).jpg (30817 bytes) IMG_1279 Burgess couple (ok).jpg (36571 bytes) IMG_1280 Burgess dance couple.jpg (53066 bytes)

Asian Dance/Performance at Smithsonian

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