Thai, Philippine & Hawaiian Dance, Pictures

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    The Smithsonian's Natural History Museum featured an evening of traditional Asian dance on May 16, 2003.  Dances from Thailand, the Philippines, and Hawaii were performed by dancers in traditional dress from local (Washington, DC) dance groups.  

Thai dance (performed by the Somapa Thai Dance Company):

IMG_8083 traditional thai (ok).jpg (46686 bytes) IMG_8088 thai, esan people, serng dance.jpg (51331 bytes) IMG_8092 thai, esan people, serng dance.jpg (56017 bytes)
Traditional Thai Serng dance from Esan region Serng dance from Esan region
Philippine dance (performed by the Pilipino American Cultural Arts Society):
IMG_8127 philippine array, jota manilena (ok).jpg (52689 bytes) IMG_8129 philipina headbasket buslo.jpg (34864 bytes) IMG_8133 slave dancer.jpg (38229 bytes)
Jota Manilena Buslo - Headbasket Slave dancer
IMG_8131 philippine musicians.jpg (51555 bytes) IMG_8142 Philippine singkil.jpg (62676 bytes) IMG_8150 Philippine singkil, with fan.jpg (65922 bytes)
Musicians Singkil Singkil
IMG_8164 Philippine singkil, with fan.jpg (60808 bytes) IMG_8168 Philippine singkil, with fan.jpg (43606 bytes) IMG_8173 philippine garland dance, bulaklakan.jpg (45429 bytes)
Singkil Singkil Garland dancers
IMG_8180 pandango sa ilaw, philippine dance.jpg (60100 bytes) IMG_8186 tinikling group, philippine dance.jpg (61499 bytes)
Pandanggo Sa Ilaw Tinikling group
Hawaiian dance (by Hawaiian Cultures School, Halau Ho'omau I Ka Wai Ola O Hawaii)(note: Hawaiian Dance, I understand, is more properly classed as Polynesian than Asian):
IMG_8102 hawaiian.jpg (63652 bytes) IMG_8119 hawaiian young.jpg (52730 bytes)
Hawaiian dance the children perform

More Asian Dance/Performance at Smithsonian

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