Dupont Circle Snow (2-7-3)

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2003)

   It snowed last night, just beginning to taper off as I awoke around 6 AM.  I got out to take a few pictures just as the sky was starting to lighten, around 6:30 to 7:00 AM, walking from 17th & P to the Circle:
IMG_7552 Dupont Circle, benches, snow, walker (+).jpg (64011 bytes) IMG_7557 morning snow tree monotone.jpg (57518 bytes) IMG_7555 Dupont Circle snow scene toward Jury's.jpg (61552 bytes)
Dupont Circle benches, snow Morning snow tree Benches & tables, toward Jury's
IMG_7558 dupont circle fountain snow mono hi-C.jpg (43020 bytes) IMG_7564 dupont circle fountain, snow boy (+).jpg (41406 bytes) IMG_7566 Suntrust, snow.jpg (53402 bytes)
Dupont Circle fountain Fountain statue, snow Suntrust with snow
IMG_7544 stone townhouses on P in snow.jpg (43165 bytes) IMG_7546 P St townhouse entrance, snow.jpg (35022 bytes) IMG_7542 snow P St steps residence.jpg (36649 bytes)
P Street townhouses Townhouse entrance Townhouse entrance

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For pictures of the big President's Day storm, see 
Dupont Circle Snow--President's Day Storm.

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