Pictures of Washington D.C.

By Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002-2005)

Washington Monument sunset.jpg (67803 bytes) Jefferson Memorial

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Smithsonian Photos
Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Silk Road
Silk Road Fashion Show
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Washington DC in black & white
Monuments with Cherry Blossoms
National Gallery East Wing
National Gallery West Wing
Nighttime Stroll on the Mall
National Cathedral
Shrine Immaculate Conception
U.S. Botanic Gardens
My Dupont Circle neighborhood
Dupont Circle in the snow
Bethesda Summer Evening
Some Local Color Favorites
Eastern Market
Protest, Contested Presidency
Protest, Iraq War
Marine Corps Marathon
Washington DC, images for commercial use:  See Washington, DC, Stock Photo.

    This site is primarily a showcase for my photographs of Washington, DC.  If you wish to use some of my images for publication, on websites or otherwise, please see--Image Use Permission & Agreements If you would like to purchase prints, please see Photographic Prints.

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    For images of Washington, DC's, monumental architecture generally, including the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Capitol Building, Supreme Court, White House, and others, see Washington, DC, Monuments & Landmarks.  

For another site of Washington, DC, pictures and narrative, see Highrock's Washington D.C.

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