More pictures

by Keith Stanley
(Copyright 2006)

     Putrajaya is the new Malaysian governmental administrative center, located about 20 miles from Kuala Lumpur.  One of the buildings there that I found particularly notable architecturally was the Ministry of Finance building:
IMG_2535 Ministry of Finance building curved, Islamic motif; putrajara malaysia.jpg (116281 bytes) IMG_2542 building detail (+).jpg (112958 bytes) IMG_2541 Ministry of Finance, Malaysia, building detail (ok).jpg (88573 bytes)
IMG_2546 building detail (good).jpg (84221 bytes) IMG_2547 building detail (good).jpg (89011 bytes) IMG_2548 building detail (+).jpg (109577 bytes)

     Miscellaneous pictures taken in Malaysia (Summer 2006):
IMG_2525 KLCC (ok).jpg (94939 bytes) IMG_2593 hawker eating hall.jpg (97532 bytes) IMG_2742 batik print bargains silks, kota bharu.jpg (110113 bytes)
Interior view KLCC shopping complex
(Kuala Lumpur)
Hawker stall complex food (Penang) Batik print silk, bargains
(Kota Bharu)
IMG_2734 kota bharu market (ok).jpg (91518 bytes) IMG_2712 bus.jpg (101227 bytes) IMG_2670 bus station food.jpg (100438 bytes)
Kota Bharu open air market Bus Rest stop food
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