Dupont Circle Snow--President's Day Storm

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2003)

   It snowed hard all day Sunday, February 16, 2003 (the President's Day weekend storm).  That evening I got out to take a few pictures around my Dupont Circle neighborhood (Washington, DC):
IMG_7596 CVS from my doorstep, snowy (ok).jpg (34892 bytes) IMG_7602 snow car drifted (ok).jpg (54501 bytes) IMG_7609 firehook, nautical, porthole, lighthouse building, night, snow, desatch (ok).jpg (54958 bytes)
the view from my doorstep snow car, drifted nautical/lighthouse building
IMG_7611 Tomate, snow, night.jpg (46962 bytes) IMG_7613 tomate, snow, night.jpg (51161 bytes) IMG_7614 blue, red, yellow, door, snow (ok).jpg (47238 bytes)
Tomate Tomate snow door with color
IMG_7615 townhouses, snow, luminous night (ok).jpg (44287 bytes) IMG_7620 Dupont Optical, snow night (+).jpg (69914 bytes) IMG_7621 ATM with tree, snowy night (good).jpg (62474 bytes)
townhouses neon night snow the atm

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